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Approach any coaching offer with a healthy dose of skepticism, do your research, and ask questions before you hand over any money.

Sports. Weight loss. Life. You name it — there's a coach for it. Not to miss a lucrative opportunity, scammers have found yet another way to take advantage of a person's desire to live life on their own financial terms through business coaching scams.

These scams have seen an increase in recent years as more people dream of making loads of cash without working a typical 9-5 job. While these coaching systems claim $0 up-front costs, someone will pay in the end if you're not cautious.

After calling 800-123-4BOSS and speaking with a so-called agent, Ted was convinced real people were using a simple system to make six figures a year working 10 hours a week.

Ted: Wow! And the system is free?

Scammer: Yes. People are making thousands of dollars every day with absolutely no experience. It's really easy. You just have to follow the step-by-step directions in our pamphlet.

Ted: Sounds perfect. Send it to me.

Scammer: You will love it. I can tell you're really excited about this.

(hushed voice) But if you want to do this right, I recommend you sign up for our business coaching package. I'm not supposed to tell you this, Ted. Our success stories had a little help.

Ted: Really?

Scammer: Yeah, the most successful people used our business coaches.

Ted: Business coach? Do I need one?

Scammer: Honestly? Yes, if you want to make easy money fast. And it's not even that expensive for what you get. It's only $1,200 for 90 days of online group business coaching. They'll show you exactly how to do this, so you'll avoid costly mistakes and save time.

I'm ready for your credit card number.

(91 days later)

Ted discovered that the business wasn't as easy as he'd been led to believe. He hasn't made any money. And his business coach is asking for another $1,200. The coach says Ted needs one-on-one online sessions if he wants to make it big.

Is It a Business Coaching Scam?

Not every online business coaching offer is a scam. But if the one you're considering sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Approach any coaching offer with a healthy dose of skepticism, do your research, and ask questions before you hand over any money.

Sample questions:

  • What exactly will I receive for my money?
  • Can you give me a list of expected business expenses?
  • How much selling is required to earn the income used in your success stories?
  • Am I able to speak with some of your past students?
  • Your ad says "guaranteed profits". What does that mean – exactly?

If you've already sent money to a suspected scammer, report the activity to the Federal Trade Commission and your state's attorney general's office. They may be able to help you recover money paid as part of an online business coaching scam.