Hall of Shame

Global Crypto Company Binance Fined 4B!

FTC Sends Nearly $1.5 Million to Victims of Bronx Honda's Illegal Financing and Sales Practices

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Robo-Calling Scammers Make 5 Billion Robo Calls, Now Get Fined 300 Million Bucks!

NutraClick Pays a Million for Tricking Consumers - Again

Amazon Fined for Keeping Kids' Locations and Voice Recordings

A Miracle!!! No, Wait... a Con!

Amazon, the Grinch When It Comes to Their Drivers Getting Tips! And It's the Holidays!

9 Billion Paid by Volkswagen to Owners Hoodwinked by "Clean Diesel" Ads!

Why You Don't Want to Let an Auto Insurance Company Track Your Driving Habits

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Robinhood Robbing the Poor, Sorta...

$40 Million Penalty for Helping Scammers Scam People Like You

Huge Hall of Shame Victory!!!

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Are You Getting a Refund Check?

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Bayside Car Dealership Ordered to Pay Restitution after Allegedly Scamming Customers

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